Expert Fireproofing Services

Protect Your People and Process with Those Who Know

Facilities today have many options for sourcing fireproofing services nationwide. The question is: Who can you trust? Southwest Refractory crews understand your plant’s specific processes, and their particular thermal dynamics, down to the last detail. No assumptions. No oversights. Just expert protection that helps you minimize risk.

What You Get
  • Advanced engineering insights, from materials engineering and detailed thermal profiles
  • Strong project management, including provision of all documentation
  • Consistent quality of fireproofing applications
  • Ensured field efficiency, getting the job done right AND on the fast track
  • Structural Steel (such as I-beams)
  • Vessel/Equipment Supports
  • Tanks
  • Tank Support
  • Columns
  • Platforms
  • Pipes
  • Pipe Racks
  • Roofs
  • Partitions
  • Ducts
Multiple Methodologies

Southwest Refractory’s fireproofing professionals offer vast experience with applications ranging from I-beams, columns and other structural steel and concrete components. Our professionals know the right methodology, systems and materials to apply for your specific process environment.

A Better Service Experience

Your crew deserves more than a job well done; it also deserves a low-stress, high-awareness experience along the way. Southwest Refractory works hard to plan, organize, control and communicate every detail of your fireproofing job from start to finish. That means you can get it all done with minimal stress or surprises.

Other Services