High-Performance Acid Proofing

Complete Acid-Proofing from Design to Construction

Southwest Refractory provides comprehensive acid proofing services that deliver superior protection in any operating environment. We’ve got your project covered, no matter how demanding the application or how complex the design. These systems are one of our primary specializations, so we can bring solid guidance and strong execution every step of the way.

What You Get
  • Advanced engineering of acid-proofing systems
  • High-silica, silicon carbide and other brick materials
  • Anti-corrosive mortars and coatings
  • Tanks, vessels, structures, flooring and more
  • Proven in heavy-duty environments such as acid, chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing
Vessel Types
  • Acid Towers
  • Sulfur Recovery Units (SRUs)
  • Sulfur Condensers
  • Tubesheets
  • Absorption Towers
  • Quench Vessels
  • Scrubbers
  • Reducers
  • Autoclaves
  • TOX Units
  • POX Units
  • Drying Towers
  • Wash Towers
Process Knowledge

Whether the project at hand involves an acid tower or a sulfur recovery unit, our specialists understand the corrosive properties of your facility’s processes and how best to address them the right way. From new-build installs to tight turnaround projects, we’re the ones who know what you need—and how to keep your project on track.

Advanced Materials

When it comes to high-performance acid proofing, materials play a huge role. Our engineers can help specify the perfect material for your particular installation need. From specialty bricks to coatings, linings and grout, we maintain strategic relationships with the world’s leading manufacturers to ensure access to the very best acid-proofing materials on the market.

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