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Our Capabilities

From initial engineering to final commissioning, Southwest Refractory offers specialized project skills and support every step of the way.

Our customers partner with specialists who understand every aspect of brick lining installation, from the science behind initial engineering to all of the necessary protocols and common pitfalls in the field. The result is a perfect intersection of art and science that brings unrivaled quality and performance to every facility.

SWR Engineering and Design Package

  • Detailed drawings of the lining, expansion joint and support shelf design
  • Thermomechanical studies
  • Thermal expansion calculations
  • Thermal profiles under various conditions
  • Bill of materials and spare parts list
  • Technical specifications, including:
    • Material specifications and testing
    • Refractory models
    • Refractory installation
    • Technical bid evaluation
    • Refractory guidelines
    • Inspection and maintenance
    • Refractory waste handling plans
    • Material handling protocols
    • QA/QC documentation
    • Project schedules
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